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  • Oz Episode NameName: A Failure to Communicate
  • Oz Episode NameAir Date: 26 Jan 03
  • Oz Episode NameViews: 2572
  • Oz Episode NameSummary

    Ryan despairs about Cyril unsuccesful appeal as a friend from Suzanne's radical days arrives in Oz. Beecher returns to Oz as a visitor and get's Keller off Death Row. Arif reluctantly takes control of the Muslims and the bookbinding buisness as Burr has troubles of his own keeping the homeboys in telemarketing. Martinez didn't die of poisoning, he was murdered; Penders threatens to sue about the condirions in solitary and Omar agrees not to, in echange for a ticket back to Em City. Robson thinks up a way to get out of being Cutler's prag.

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